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Clifton park tree service

Great Pricing, Licensed, Insured

Tree Removal in Clifton Park, NY

We provide tree removal & pruning services in Clifton Park, NY. Our tree trimming services are unmatched in quality and affordability. With an expert crew of professionals that are both licensed and insured, we can handle any size tree project.  From cutting down branches and limbs that are hanging over powerlines to emergency tree removal during a storm, we’re the team Clifton Park residents trust for the finest tree care in upstate New York. Look to our certified arborists for free, no hassle estimates.

  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree cabling & bracing
  • Tree care & disease prevention
  • Stump grinding
  • Stump removal

Why Choose Our Crew?

Experience: We have 17 years of experience and we’re very good at this. Tree services are not always an easy task, so it’s crucial to go with a company that’s been around the block a few times and know what they’re doing.

Licensed & Insured: Proper licensing protects the homeowner from liability in the case of an accident. Our team members go through rigorous training on technical and safety procedures to ensure that everyone remains safe and knows how to operate all the equipment correctly. This protects both your property and our crew.

Reputation: We’ve been on the news, in the local paper, and serving the residents of the Clifton Park community for more than 30 years, delivering top-notch tree care through our skilled team of arborists nearby. It’s better to find a qualified professional to handle the work instead of trying to do it yourself. So many people have fallen out of trees trying to do it themselves; bad idea. Trust the tree experts.

Learn about the Clifton Park Tree Care Guys

The Clifton Park area is home for us, and we are lucky to be a part of this great community and have lived here for years. Our families are all from the Capital Region and we love it. Early on, we spent the warm months working for tree companies, learning the ins and outs of being a professional tree cutter. Now, years later, we get to sit back and watch our sons take up the family legacy. There’s something about the tree care business that just makes us happy. We’re not sure if it’s the challenge of trying to figure out how to take down a difficult tree during an emergency or if it’s the feeling that perfection has been achieved after we trim a branch so evenly.  What we can say is that our guys are tree surgeons who can handle any size project you need.  Trim some branches back to get the tree away from the house or cut it down and haul it away. Our crew is smart, friendly, and very good at what they do. Just let us know what you need done and this team of professionals will handle it with care. We take our commitment to you seriously and always deliver.

Why Trim and Prune Your Trees?

  • To maintain health & appearance: Trees that are overgrown with limbs going every which way are not the most attractive. Perfect tree trimming and pruning thins out the canopy of the tree and helps it breathe. Not only will you maintain a healthy tree, but the leaves and branches will get just the right amount of sunlight and grow more evenly. A nicely pruned tree will boost the curb appeal of your home or property.
  • Prevent the autumn leaves: Everyone hates going outside and raking dead leaves for hours on end. This is something that be easily avoiding if your trim your trees every so often. It’s a part of regular tree maintenance and care that will allow you to avoid the waterfall of leaves that dump on your yard yearly.
  • Keep people safe: When trees get older, they tend to become less stable. Branches and limbs die and start to drop to the ground. If you’re in a residential area, the last thing you want is a neighbor being hit by a falling tree branch. Avoid the potential lawsuit or family injury and call the local tree company to come over and take a look. Many times a simple pruning is enough to maintain safety.

Emergency Tree Removals

For emergency tree removal in Clifton Park, reach out to us any day of the week. When storms come through the upstate area and start knocking down trees, it can be dangerous. Powerlines are sometimes hit, and large trunks block roads and driveways. Have no fear. Call our main number and our skilled tree removal crew members will be right over to take care of it.  More than 20 years in the industry has given us the experience needed to handle any projects large or small.

Stump Grinding

In addition to our other offerings, we also provider stump removal. Our stump grinders can either rip the stump out of the ground and remove it from your property, or we can grind it down so you can use it as mulch. You might be surprised how much more open the yard looks when the stump is removed from it. Afterwards, kids, pets, and neighbors will be able to walk across the grass without worrying about tripping over it. It will also make lawn mowing much easier, improving the overall look of your yard.

Our Tree Company Mission

We aim to grow our mid-size outfit into the largest tree services provider in upstate New York. We already provide a high level of service with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, but we can still increase size. Our skilled arborists attend numerous trainings throughout the year to stay up to date on the latest techniques and equipment available to perform our tree work faster, better, and more efficiently.  The crew maintains safety at all times and is licensed, insured, and bonded. You have nothing to worry about when you work with a team like this one. Just ask our previous clients. Seasoned veterans guide our newest members to ensure the delivery of quality tree services at all times. We will become the largest tree removal company in upstate NY soon enough.

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